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GradePlus Africa helps you explore careers and discover the path for achieving your dreams.
The career matching model gives you the ability to analyze your personality, values, and interests to better understand career paths that are a good fit.
The cognitive ability module allows you to improve your cognitive abilities for success in that career through our comprehensive and affordable courses.
The career matching model is coming soon; meanwhile, you can explore our courses for improved cognitive abilities.
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Meet Our Advisors

We are building a foundation for a better African future with great and experienced minds.

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Omotayo Olorunfemi

Learning Scientist, Data Science Nigeria.

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Aye Ahimie (Ph.D)

Psychologist, Aseg Professional Counseling Services.

The Team

We are a team of passionate and creative minds.

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Tolu Obatunde

Chief Executive Officer

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Ayodeji Olugbade

Chief Technology Officer

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Blessing Afolabi

Chief Marketing Officer

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Olajide Ajibade

Chief Design Officer

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Titilayomi Fagite

Lead Educational